"If I take care of my character, my reputation will take care of itself"

"Zach jumped in for an event for our group last minute and was a complete joy to work with! Our students loved his show and no one felt embarrassed which can sometimes happen with hypnotist shows. We will absolutely look to work with him again, highly recommend!"
"Fundraising show by Zach Pincince at our school was hilarious! Attendees and participants enjoyed the experience. Working with Zach was a great experience; he's professional and accommodating. Highly recommended! Thanks for coming in Zach. We had such a good time and the kids are still talking about it!"
"Zach's performance was one of the highlights of our night. Participants were engaged throughout his performance and everyone enjoyed having him. Zach's flexibility, enthusiasm, and talent made him a great hypnotist and I would definitely recommend having him at your next event!"
"Zach does such a nice job with these shows! He really understands the kids and makes it fun for all ages! He was amazing to work with too! Very responsive, supportive and his ability to help you fundraise is amazing!"
"Zach was awesome! My students really enjoyed his show and talked about it all the next day! Thank you Zach! It was amazing!"
"The students loved the experience and couldn't stop talking about it. Everything was school appropriate. He was able to adjust his show due to an unexpected time constrain, Zach was very flexible."
"Zach was hired to perform for a fundraiser event for Greek Organizations on the UNH campus. Professional, engaging, enthusiastic and SO mind blowing what he can do - he is truly gifted. His hypnotist show was amazing and I would highly recommend him for your future events."
"I hired Zach for a social event for my fraternity and it was a blast. Zach put on a highly entertaining hypnosis show using creative techniques that brought a freshness to the performance. He was very professional to work with and easily connected to college students in ways I've never seen other hypnotists do. I'm looking forward to bringing Zach back for another performance in the future!"
"Zach created quite a few fans at our summer camp. He managed our group of 250 people of all ages well and made sure everyone had a chance to be part of the fun! Thanks Zach for a performance we won’t forget!"
"I just wanted to thank you so much for performing at Relay For Life! You were amazing and our participants absolutely loved it!!!!!!!"

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